Welcome to St. Luke's Church Cannock.

    Welcome to St Luke’s Church, a place of worship which has been at the heart of life in Cannock for 900 years. Here you will find a beautiful building with a history of Christian life that has witnessed to the love of God through the ages.

    • Here you will find a vibrant faith community praising and worshipping God our Father, through faith in Jesus as Lord in the power of the Holy Spirit.
    • Here you will find a church of all ages committed to loving and serving God in one another and in our local community.
    • Here you will find a church which treasures its traditions but which is open to new ways of worship and to what God is doing in the present.

    ‚ÄčAbove all, you will find a welcoming and hospitable Christian community that will encourage you wherever you find yourself on your journey of faith.

    St Luke's is a Grade II* listed building.  It occupies a prime location at the heart of the Town Centre and is surrounded by well maintained grassed areas to the north and south with a good range of mature trees making a beautiful oasis in the middle of our busy town


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    Consultation on the appointment of a new vicar

    As part of the process of appointing a new vicar, the three churches in the two parishes will prepare a “Parish Profile” – a document setting out where we are and – more importantly – where we want to go.

    To ensure that the document is representative, the three churches are engaging in a simple consultation exercise of their congregations.

    We will ask what it is about St Luke’s that we do well – what do you value about the Church. We will also ask what we could do better, or what new things we could do that we don’t already do. And we will ask what you can offer to help the Church move forward.

    This will be done using post-it notes around three prayer stations in the Church during the service on Sunday 18 February and during the 10.00am service on Wednesday 21st February. Please make every effort to come to church on that day.

    If you can’t make it to church on the day, and want to have your say, please email Gavin Drake: gavin@gavindrake.co.uk.









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