Services at St. Luke’s

We have a very varied pattern of Sunday worship, from the very traditional Prayer Book Communion Service through to All Age Communion, to our monthly ‘Together in Worship’ service (a non-communion service for All the Family), and a Choral Evensong occasionaly when there is a fifth Sunday in the month.

We also have a Common Worship Communion Service on Wednesday mornings.

Morning Prayer is usually held Monday to Friday 8.30 am in the Memorial Chapel

The Pattern is:

Sunday at 8 am

Holy Communion ‘Book of Common Prayer’ on 1st, 3rd and 5th

Holy Communion ‘Common Worship’ 2nd and 4th

Sunday 10 am

1st, 3rd and 5th Family Communion

2nd Together in Worship

This is our main Sunday Non-Communion Service usually held once a month on the 2nd Sunday. which is particularly aimed at adults where the children can attend the Kidz Club in the centre. It’s a themed service with readings / hymns/songs etc.

The service is presented using projectors and screens.

4th All age Communion

This is one of our main Communion Service where all the family are welcome, and presented on screens. It is a less formal communion service where children are present throughout.

Our uninformed organisations (Brownies/Guides) may join us

Wednesday at 10 am

Holy Communion ‘Common Worship’

For details of each service please see list on left hand side of this page

Please refer to the Calendar to confirm that the particular service is being held.